Retaining Walls

A concrete retaining wall adds both function and aesthetic appeal to your commercial space - in a stylish and affordable way!

Retaining Walls


Many commercial projects require retaining walls to fulfill a certain purpose on the property. This may be to reduce soil erosion, help prevent flooding, to support ground sloping, to correct a steep grade on the property or to create borders within the outdoor space. Perhaps you want to create a garden to welcome customers? A retaining wall is the ideal choice, especially on a property that has a steep slope. When properly installed, your retaining wall can be incredibly durable, able to last for many years to come at an affordable price. Therefore, we suggest that you hire a professional with the experience and skill to get the job done right - the first time around. Building a proper wall requires a meticulous attention to detail, that can be quickly and easily achieved through our superior services.


In addition to providing an important function on your property, retaining walls also add great aesthetic appeal. They add a distinctive element on the property that supports luxurious gardens and landscape architecture such as various plants, shrubs, trees and more. Opting for concrete retaining wall doesn't mean boring - you can choose from a wide variety of design and color options. A retaining wall is also the perfect way to line pathways, guiding your potential customers, clients or business partners in a welcoming manner. What better way to welcome visitors to your property than a dynamic, beautiful landscape plan? Here are Champion Industries US, we work closely with you to plan the perfect layout to bring your vision to life - no matter how big or small.


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