An effective drain system is vital to integrity of your commercial building. This minimizes the risk of flooding, ensures sufficient storm water management and reduces the potential for damage due to heavy precipitation.


Drain Installation

Whether you need a drainage system of a municipal building, city sewer, restaurant, gas station, airport, shopping center, sports stadium or something else - Champion Industries US has got you covered. We will work closely with you, our commercial client, to understand the usage requirements of the system as well as ensure that we stay on budget and according to schedule.

Drain Line Inspection

Do you think you might have a problem with your commercial drain system? We're here to help. We come to your location to accurately diagnose and find the best solution to your problem. Our team of experts have extensive experience to ensure that all actions are taken - such as perimeter drainage inspection or video inspection services - to get your system back to full function.

 Drain Maintenance

Maintenance is a key element to ensure your commercial drain system functions at its highest potential. Thus each building requires regular drain system maintenance, to diagnose small issues that can quickly be fixed before they can become more serious. Additionally, seasonality can have an affect on the maintenance requirements, such as heavy rainfall.

Drain Repair

Even with regular maintenance, drain repair or replacement may be inevitable with time and extensive use. Following a drainage inspection, we'll determine the best course of action to repair or replace your commercial drainage system. This includes perimeter drain repair, which may be clogged with debris coming from stormwater, or sewer line repair or replacement.


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